Privacy and Terms

The purpose of this service is to provide Slack users with nifty animated GIFs

We collect (and cache) commands sent via the /gif command in Slack. The information is stored without any identifiable information about the user or team from which the command originated.

When using our system, Slack provides us with some basic information. You can find out more about this data from their API docs. This information is used in analytics and billing systems in aggregate. We may use company names and/or logos for promotional purposes on our landing pages.

We do not collect any email addresses or other personally identifiable information.

If you use features such as upvoting/downvoting, flagging, delete or other premium features, we may need escalate privleges to your Slack instance. We only request what is absoltely neccesary and will never disclose this information to a third party

By adding RightGIF to your Slack service, you acknowledge that you understand that we do not directly control the actions or searches conducted by you or your team. RightGIF is an automated service which provides limited automatic filtering only. You agree that Angry Monkeys Pty Ltd cannot be held responsbile for GIFs return by this service or for the usage of individuals in your team.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at:
[email protected]