Simple. Fun. Customizable.

Basic Features

One command

Type /gif and then your phrase. Premium users get unlimited requests, basic users are capped at 1000 per month.


Wrong place or wrong time? Everyone has the ability to delete their own GIFs.

Premium Features

Safety First

RightGIF defaults to hiding explicit GIFs. If your team likes to walk on the wild side, you can do that too.

Size Limits

Never get 'exceeds size limit' again. Configurable limits lets you control the GIF response size.


Mix things up a bit by enabling random responses. Instead of the same GIF everytime, RightGIF will return a random (but correct!) GIF.


Make RightGIF even better by voting for your favourite GIFs and downvote all those pesky My Little Pony GIFs.


RightGIF not safe enough for your work? Help us make it even safer for work by flagging inappropriate GIFs.



  • 1000 /gif requests per month
  • You'll get occasional reminders about our awesome Premium plan
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per team per month
  • Unlimited /gif requests
  • Per-channel NSFW options
  • Filtered SFW options
  • Up/Down voting for better GIFs
  • Configurable GIF size limits
  • Wider variety of GIFs
  • No more nagging about money
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